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Suavecito Pomade committed itself early on to becoming a cultural phenomenon. It is not enough for them to have traditional well-crafted grooming products that work. Instead, we wanted to take things a step further and dive into the custom car, motorcycle, tattoo, and barber culture as a way to reinvent the grooming product industry that had become stagnant in the previous decades.

Suavecito Pomade continues to travel weekend after weekend to shows all over the U.S. not for profit because doing it the way they do, there isn’t any. Instead, they do it purely to live in the culture that inspired us, and, above all, they do it for their fans and followers. 

Suavecito Pomade prides itself in making amazing hair pomades that are water-soluble but hold like wax and a fine line of shaving and grooming products. A company devoted to the culture and its supporters. A company not devoted to itself. 

No ego. This is Suavecito Pomade. is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Suavecito in Europe.

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Suavecito has always felt that collaborations and partnerships have been extremely important for exposure to a variety of communities. Numerous brand collaborations with barbershops, tattoo shops and artists have done very well for Suavecito. These ventures have garnered a positive community reaction which translates to high exposure via social media interaction. Suavecito also works with other brands and pop culture icons such as Johnny Cupcakes, Felix the Cat, Social Distortion, Universal Monsters, The Hoonigans and Tribal Streetwear, among others.


Suavecito 10th Anniversary Pomade

Cheers to 10 years of hard work and great hair!
To celebrate this momentous occasion, Suavecito has created this special edition Super Firme Hold Pomade, Suavecito's strongest hold ever formulated. They went all out on the special packaging for this one. 
A shimmering gold jar is adorned with a gold foiled label. The pomade is gently nestled into a perfectly sized wooden crate emblazoned with Suavecito's special 10th Anniversary logo. This is a truly collectible piece of Suavecito history that any true fan won’t want to miss. Here’s to ten more years of Suavecito, and then some.
Hairpomades and Suavecito thank you for all your support throughout the decade!


    Suavecito’s roots were large focused on connecting with the people and lifestyle associated with the classic pompadour of the rockabilly scene. Through the continued support of musicians, artists, local Santa Ana, California car shows and music festivals, Suavecito has been able to associate itself with something bigger than just a pomade or this specific scene.

    Suavecito has expanded beyond that original market to refocus attention on the rise of varying trends and tastes with the types of products and projects that are now supported and marketed toward. Work with various artists and social media influencers, the brand has been able to connect with the target demographic on a more personal level that sets Suavecito apart from all of it’s competition.

    Since the start of Suavecito, the focus has been to garner a lot of attention on attending and sponsoring special events and trade shows in order to engage with the customer on a personal level: grassroots marketing.

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    Suavecito pomades are world renowned for what has been dubbed, “The Classic Suavecito Scent”. Suavecito prides themselves in offering the most complete line of products for all types of hair. Whether you need heavy pomade to keep hair high and tight, or you need a light styling cream for a texturized and loose look, Suavecito has got you covered!


    Shave with comfort and ease knowing you are using the best. Suavecito shaving products are formulated to make sure you have a great and healthy shaving experience. The line offers products for both personal and professional use and will leave your face feeling clean and fresh, just how it should be.


    A good beard is one that is maintained and well groomed. Suavecito's beard line offers products that will keep your beard styled and clean. We believe that the hair on your face should look just as firme as the hair on your head.
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    Suavecito is proud to always be thinking outside of the box! Their seasonal releases have become a staple and are an element in men’s grooming completely unique to the Suavecito brand. With unique scents and custom packaging that tie directly to a time of year and current trend, these one-off releases give our customers another reason to stay engaged and keep coming back for more. Best of all, these releases are limited and always sell out with its high demand.
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    Be part of the 1% that makes the difference. is the exclusive distributor of Suavecito Pomade in all of Europe. 
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    Shaving Best Practices & Products


    Shaving is cool. Shaving is really cool. Taking a super sharp razor and basically getting surgical with it is cool. Do you know how close you are to cutting your face off every time you shave in the morning? Pretty close. The most interesting part is, we’re all striving for a closer shave- meaning we want that razor even closer to the skin. Are we crazy or are we just that cool?

    This thing shaving is a beautiful dance of mathematical calculations done on the fly and without ever consciously thinking about. Different angles and degrees, the contours of the face, the pressure of the blade against the skin and an ultra sharp razor perfectly balanced between the fingers are all part of the process you do not consciously think about. It is a dance you are undertaking every time you go into that washroom. And this dance is the creation of art. It is an art that is born to the sound of the music that is made up from your tools laid before you on the washroom counter. Each tool, an instrument, pretty by its own right but stunningly beautiful working in coherence together. Each tool, each step, no more important or less so than the last. They are equals in their own right and completely at your disposal. For you are the artist, the mathematician and the architect of your own dreams of what may come from this elegant song and dance you do before that mirror and thus before you step out into the world. There you stride into it, with the natural confidence of a conductor stepping out on stage in front of his well rehearsed orchestra. Let the music fill the hall and gracefully bow, as the audience applauds.

    There are numerous steps be to taken during each and every shave. It is important to concentrate on each as a building block to your success and a healthy face. No step should be skipped or haphazardly worked through. It is your face and it deserves to be taken care of to your best ability. Patience is the key and when that key unlocks the door only good things can come in through it. Let it come.

    Let’s go through the steps. Take notes.

    Wash Your Face Before Shaving

    Take a shower. Allow the heat from the water and warmth from the steam to relax the skin on your face. Wash your face with a mild  soap  and do not scrub. Be gentle with that thing. It’s about to be hacked at with a razor on top of whatever you’re doing now. Massage it and pamper it. Don’t scare it now.

    Shave soap used for washing before shaving or as a cream substitute

    Washing your face before a shave will keep your skin healthy. Shaving with a dirty face is a bad idea. Don’t do it. The irritation or a nick or two caused by the razor doesn’t pair all that well with a dirty face. Like milksteak, it’s just not a combo you need in your life. It is one of those better safe than sorry situations. Plus, washing your face is a great motivator for your hair to better cooperate with the razor later. It will make it easier to shave.

    Use Quality Tools When Shaving

    A good razor and good shaving cream will get you leagues ahead of where a cheap disposable razor and a can of dollar shaving cream will.  Good tools like these will not only give your face a nice shave , it will make it easier for you to do the work. That is huge. Struggling through a shave and not having a good time will inevitably lead to a piss poor shave at some point. Nicks and cuts, redness and all that jazz just because you’re struggling to get through a shave is the worst. Plus, it can all be avoided.

    Safety razor and shaving cream

    Good shaving cream  will penetrate your face with rich moisture that will help your razor glide. It will also have ingredients that protect your skin and help with the healing process after you’re done (in conjunction with a good aftershave). While you’re sipping coffee in the office, on the couch or wherever, you can focus on more important things rather than a face on fire and irritated.

    About Razors - Sharper is Safer, Sharpest is Safest

    Any extremely sharp razor across the face will cause less irritation, less chance of cuts or nicks and sweep the face clean in fewer passes. Fewer passes is less trauma to the skin. Not only does a sharp razor blade save you time, it also is safer. Why, you may ask?

    Safety razor and a straight razor

    A sharp razor will not tug at the skin as much as a dull one. It will eliminate those little nicks you might sometimes find yourself getting out of nowhere. It will also reduce burn and irritation because you will need to use the razor less. If the razor is sharp, meaning it’s working effortlessly, the skin won’t have time to realize what has happened. Think of a supremely sharp Japanese sword striking against a watermelon. It chops it in two cleanly. Compare that to a semi-sharp heavy axe hitting the melon. One is going to make a mess, the other is not. You want to get in there and get surgical, be clean and swift. Like a good SEAL team, the goal is to get in and out without anyone knowing what’s up.

    Shave Warm

    Your face and skin should be warm when you shave. Shave after your shower or use a hot wet towel against the skin for a minute to invigorate your face. It’s worth it. Warmth opens up your pores allowing your hair to raise and to get that razor in there at the base of the hair follicle. It makes for a close comfortable shave. Likewise, ensure your tools are warmed as well. Things work better warm. There is less friction. A warm tropical beach on a beautiful island somewhere, what trouble can you find? There’s no friction on that beach. Everything is smooth sailing.

    Warm your razor blade with hot water and keep it warm throughout the shave. Rinse it off with hot water or a hot towel between passes. Use warm shaving cream. Keep everything warm that is going to touch your face.

    Winners Pre-game it

    If you really want to invest in this thing and give yourself the royal treatment get yourself some pre-shave oil and use it. You’ll throw that on and that razor will feel like a wet bar of soap sliding across the ice of the local hockey rink. Smooth. An almost frictionless surface.

    Now you may be wondering, “oil… on the face… that sounds terrible”. And it would be if it were canola oil. But it is not. Today’s pre-shave oils and treatments are carefully made to work for you, not against you. They are packed with essential oils and all kinds of healthy ingredients that help to both protect your face and ensure a more pleasant shave.

    Your  pre-shave  oil goes on after your face is warmed up, clean and right before you apply your shaving cream. Sounds extravagant right? Yup. But you deserve the best shave and this guide isn’t going to help you to have an “ok” shave. We don’t hang out in mediocrity here. We don’t even dabble in it.

    Shave with a Purpose

    Go about this routine without an air of chore dreading. When you tell yourself that this sucks, it tends to suck. Tell yourself inside that this small gesture you make towards your well being will do just that, make yourself well. Enjoy this moment that we have been given and the time away from distractions of the world. Think of it as your daily meditation, a quiet time for you to look at yourself in the mirror and bring to your mind what you want from the day. Think of whatever you need to think about to make the day going forward the best it can be.

    Make plans. Remember good things. Envision your goals being reached. Recite a favorite song lyric. Enjoy yourself.

    Shaving is Painting

    Your face is your canvas every time you step in front of that mirror to do your art. Your razor is the paintbrush and the shaving cream is, not the paint. The paint is actually the skin under your hair. It is the shaving cream in reverse… Forget it.

    Preparing shaving cream for application in hands

    The main thing is painting a wall or canvas correctly uses short small strokes. Why? Because the paint fades and your technique on the brush will be off after half a second as the pressure decreases or increases. Even if slightly so, that is enough room left open for mistakes to happen, which is then multiplied each time you make a stroke against the canvas.

    Now think of your face. It can still be that nice canvas but instead of it being completely flat it instead has all the contours of your face. All those different angles is like a geometric nightmare when paired up against a razor blade. Not to mention, it’s not even smooth! There’s stuff in the way, your hair.

    You should always strive for short, accurate strokes with even pressure that is level against the angle of your skin. It takes time to master the technique but after a while, you will paint your masterpiece every time.

    With the Grain First, Every Time

    With shaving cream on your face take your razor and shave with the grain of your beard. Down. Shave down. Your first razor pass will always be with the grain. You want to remove most of the beard by way of going with the grain. This will cause less irritation and feel like the natural thing to do. So, give that a go and run a pass all over your face. Down one side of the cheek under the sideburns to the jaw bone, under jaw bone down through the neck, down from the lips to the chin and under, to the other cheek and down. Suck in the lips exposing and stretching the skin under your nose for the razor to make quick work of the moustache.

    Be sure to keep your skin as taut as possible. You’ll cut yourself much less this way. Taut and flat is the best course for that razor to glide evenly.

    Against the Grain Second, Sometimes

    Depending on your facial hair and your preferences, that first pass can be enough. And that is great. You’re out a step and have just a bit less time to meditate about, well, whatever it is you meditate about during your shave but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a commute to work to keep it up.

    For the others that require that second or even third pass, well, that is great too. Baby smooth skin is awesome and nobody has ever said, oh smooth skin on their face… ew.

    Now is the time to go against the grain. But first, add some more shaving cream. Don’t get cheap on yourself. You have plenty and it’s right there. Dab another layer of that warmed cream where you need to continue the shave and get it well applied. You do not want to shave over a spot without shaving cream. It’s not that much fun and can cause irritation.

    Shave against that grain. Do it in short accurate (not choppy) strokes. This will help keep that razor level with the contours of your face and not do something weird at some odd angle. Try your best not to use too much pressure as well.

    Cold Water is Your Friend

    Immediately after your shave be sure to use the coldest water you can to rinse your face of the leftover shaving cream. Splash your face a couple of times and suffer through it. The cold water will close up your pores. Closing your pores will help against ingrown hairs, redness and stopping gunk from getting in there. This helps to prevent breakouts as well.

    Pat your face dry with a clean towel and try not to rub. You want to be very gentle with the skin at this stage. It’s super delicate and prone to irritation.

    Post Op

    Don’t walk away without post operational care, are you nuts? You just took a little sword and got it as close to your face as you could with it, on the verge of cutting yourself, over and over again. If enlightened beings came down from the mothership at this moment and watched what you were doing they would probably skip over you.

    Use something on that skin that will calm it down. Your skin is screaming out whether you know it or not. It’s not happy. It’s probably hot, a little raw and irritated. There is no getting around it. An aftercare product like a good aftershave, cream or balm will absorb into the skin and calm it right down. This prevents redness and irritation from creeping up on you a little later on in the morning. When this occurs you’re touching it and itching giving it just more problems.

    A good aftershave or cream will make your day a lot better. Your skin will thank you. You’ll thank your skin for looking so good. The cycle goes back and forth on repeat.

    Choosing the Best Aftershave

    Alcohol aftershave, menthol aftershave cream, and aftershave balm

    Right, so you have been shaving for years or at least for some time. At this point you should know how your face reacts to the stresses of the razor. Does it get red? Does it itch? Do you get bumps?

    For most, an  aftershave that works as a conditioner  is going to be king. Think of a lotion for your face. You want something mild that won’t clog up your pores or get your face oily. A good conditioning aftershave will gently reintroduce moisture to your skin which calms down the redness and itch. Itch comes from dry irritated skin. Not to mention the healthier your face is, the easier shaving becomes.

    Others may need something else for their skin. Others may find that a  disinfecting type of aftershave  is needed in order to get rid of razor bumps and the like. These aftershaves will be of the liquid kind and are splashed onto the face. Use it in small amounts. Always pat it on and never rub your face if you’re prone to bumps and irritation.

    Chances are the first pair of pants you try on at the store won’t fit perfectly unless you’re lucky. It is the same with your aftershave. Try one out for a little while and see how it does. For the most part something is better than nothing but funnily less is more. Does that make sense? Put something on your face but don’t over do it. Too much aftershave, no matter how good it smells, can lead to clogged pores and oily skin. Let that stuff absorb and evaporate off letting your skin do its thing.

    Do Everything Well

    The steps you take today will pay off in the future. The better job you do now, the less work it will take later. As you continue to perfect your shaving habits and ensure that your face is staying healthy the better you will feel and look. Your skin’s health is paramount to this process. When your skin is healthy and vibrant the less effort it will take to care for it.

    Remember, practise makes perfect. The more you do things the right way the easier it will be in the long run. Good habits are the best habits.

    If you made it this far, we’re happy to have bestowed some of our wisdom we have here at Suavecito Pomade. As always our goal here is to help educate and ensure proper methods are being used to get yourself looking and feeling your best. We hope that you have learned something from our guide and please be sure to share what you learned with others.

    Ten Steps to The Best Shave

    1. Clean your face. Wash it often and never shave with crud, gunk, sweat, mud or bbq sauce on it.
    2. Warm face and tools with a nice hot shower or hot towel.
    3. Use good tools.
    4. Shave carefully, deliberately and accurately.
    5. Enjoy this time you have. Your best work is done when you’re happy.
    6. Rinse your face with cold water.
    7. Allow to air dry or pat dry with clean towel.
    8. Use an aftercare product.
    9. Eat a clean diet to promote overall skin health. (we know, boring)
    10. Rock what you got and don’t look back.


    So, you’re sitting there and you’re asking yourself, “what do I want from a hair product and which one is for me?” Or maybe you’re here for no reason at all and found us by accident. Well, welcome to you as well!

    Either way you found this, read on and give a thought to what type of hair you have and what style you want. In this guide we’re going to walk through the different types of hair products out there and which ones will work best for you and your hair.

    First of all let’s get the one thing out of the way:

    The advantages of using Pomade or anything else versus a Hair Gel?

    (hint, it’s the lack of that nasty alcohol)

    Store bought gels from say a supermarket, corner store or salon are incredibly unhealthy for your hair. The main ingredients work to evaporate the moisture of the product out of your hair which leaves your hair crunchy and hard. Of course, this is the point of using a hair product. The product will ‘set’ giving you the style you wanted.

    Pomades  do the same thing. Don’t get it twisted, in the end the process is the same as a gel, the moisture from the product will evaporate out and leave the good stuff holding your hair in place. However, the way a good pomade will achieve this is without alcohol. Alcohol is bad for your hair and skin. You do not want that on you. It drys your hair out. That’s bad. It drys and damages your skin on your head leaving behind unwanted flakes. That’s bad and gross. It can cause itch, soreness and pain. That’s really bad. You don’t want any of this.

    Use a pomade from a trusted reputable hair care company that knows what they’re doing. Ahem. These, far better, products are not only going to produce better results they are going to keep you healthy. You deserve that. Everyone deserves that.

    Don’t use hair gel.

    Why use a Pomade?

    Pomade is wonderful. You put it in your hair and your hair obeys. It’s simple, effective and has no gimmicks. Pomade has been around for a very long time and for good reason. Generally the results across all of them are the same, they have holding power, smell fantastic and last all day.

    Modern pomades along with all the offshoots are getting better and better. Formulas are being refined in amazing ways and the products are not only getting crazy good at delivering the results you want but are now including more and more healthy aspects as well. They are coming packed with vitamins, essential oils and a whole host of other good things for your hair. And in terms of health, the main takeaway in this modern day is that we are removing the nasty oldschool ingredients that brands of yesteryear didn’t fully realize the damaging effects of. Modern pomade is cool and inexpensive.

    If you’re paying more on your hair products than your haircut, you’re doing something wrong. The best companies in the industry know how to make these pomades affordable. Ahem. It’s not rocket science.

    Water Based, Oil Based or a Hybrid?

    What is going to work for you? All of these hair products are going to hold your hair to some degree and using enough of any one kind is going to more than likely get you close to the look you want. But using too much of the wrong product isn’t the right way to go about it. It’s also going to cost you more money in the long run. So, let’s first understand what these different types are and what they do.

    Water Based Pomade

    Suavecito Firme Strong Hold Water Based Pomade


    A pomade that is water based or water soluble is a hair product that utilizes a formula containing water. Duh, right? The uniqueness about it though is that it creates a product that breaks down easily making it both easy to apply and easy to get rid of. No special soaps or shampoos are needed to release it out of your hair. The consistency is creamy and smooth meaning it can be worked into your hair with ease. Grandfathers everywhere would have been very excited about this stuff back in the day.

    The way the product sets is a beautiful thing. It’s basically science and we won’t bore you right now but just know that the water in the formula evaporates away leaving you with just the good stuff. That good stuff leftover holds your hair in place and keeps you looking great. A good water based pomade also provides a very tight and strong hold. They work well with all hair types and especially well on thick or curly hair that sometimes could be hard to style using other types of products.

    We have two amazing examples of creating a great water based product. We started first with our  medium strength Original Hold Pomade for most hair types and styles . It works really well with straight hair and pretty much anything you need it do.  For the more unruly curly or thick hair use the strong strength Firme Hold Pomade . This stuff can tackle anything you want to throw at it.

    Use water based for: Strong long lasting hold, no weird side effects such as itch or flakes and washes out with just water. Styles medium to hard to manage hair, tight styles like pompadours, slick backs or side parts.

    Oil Based Pomade

    Suavecito Oil Based Pomade

    This is the old school type of hair wax pomade that your grandfather wore and possibly why you’re here alive and breathing. It’s been around for a long time and still super popular for good reason. It has a truly unique hold and method to its formula that will give you a look that a lot of people really want. The wax’s consistency is slick, possibly a little greasy and very smooth when applying into your hair. Due to the fact that it won’t dry like a water based when it’s in your hair means that it will create a more wet look that can be reworked throughout the day. There was a reason that the greasers of the 50’s always had a comb in the back pocket. They used it to fix their hair. And it was cool. Still is.

    If you are looking for a hair wax product that will give a more traditional or throwback type look then you will want to be using an oil based product. With today’s new innovations in formulas and types, the oil based of today is not as imperfect as yesterday’s product.

    Our  Oil Based Pomade/Wax  is the best of both worlds. It combines that old school flavor you are looking for but with a formula that isn’t going to destroy your hair and scalp. The Suavecito Oil Based Pomade will even wash out in a wash or two with some mellow shampoo. You will not get that type of convenience with other oil based pomades new or old.

    Use oil based for: That unique throwback look of pompadours, tight slick-blacks and solid quiffs. There definitely is a certain charm to the midday fix of your hair with your favorite comb. It’s smooth both in touch/feel just as in look. If you know, you know.

    The Hybrid Pomade

    Suavecito Premium Blends Hair Pomade

    One of the things we love to do here at Suavecito is change things up and try new interesting concepts. It keeps us entertained and when we find something that really works we release it and let the world enjoy it with us.

    So, what the heck is a  hybrid pomade ? Well, we took the best of both the water based world and the best of the oil based world and put them together into one product, unorthodox - we know! We released it with our Premium Blends line and created something that works super well. We don’t want to over simplify it but it’s literally both a water and oil based pomade in one.

    Why? Well, let’s say you like the benefits of water but want to recomb all day long or at least be a little more casual with your look. Our hybrid washes out with ease and gives a hold that is powerful enough to do what you need. At the same time you can run your fingers through it and be fine.

    Use hybrid pomade for: casual looks (when you don’t want to look like you slaved over your hair that morning), nice side-parts and for when you want to be able to feel like there’s nothing in your hair. It feels light but that doesn’t mean nothing is there.

    Hair Clay or Hair Paste?

    These are a very modern invention when looking at the timeline of hair care products. They both lean towards the more natural looking hair styles out there. A lot of the time when using these products you wouldn’t exactly be able to tell that someone has it in their hair. And sometimes that is the point. These products are not as versatile as the pomades listed above but still hold considerable weight in their own right. These hair clays and pastes are a special thing- somewhat defining or at least pushing forward pomades of our modern age.

    The Clay Pomade

    Suavecito Firme Clay Pomade For Hair, open showing the salmon colored clay

    This is a very specific type of pomade for a certain type of hair and style. A hair clay formula generally has a stiff, thick consistency to it that will breakdown into something manageable with friction between your fingertips and hands.

    A clay pomade will provide volume due to the clay in the formula. When the clay is introduced to water it expands, which is where you get the volume from. It will add weight to your hair and structure in a different way from an oil or water based pomade.

    The   Suavecito Firme Clay Pomade is a great example of a clay product for your hair  that is super easy to use and also very easy to wash out. You really don’t want to have to deal with products that stay in your hair after a shower right? This Matte Clay adds volume to your hair giving you the ability to style natural looking quiffs, side-parts and tighter styles depending on your hair type.

    Use a clay for: Natural looks. A matte finish. It works best for easier to manage hair unless you’re going for a more messy look (we’re thinking of curly hair here, which looks amazing when styled slightly messy with this product).

    Matte (Paste) Pomade

    Suavecito Matte Paste Pomade


    This one comes in all sorts of blends but its main focus is styling without giving your hair any shine. To some that is super important and to others not so much. A nice way of making that distinction for yourself would be to look at your hair dry and ask yourself if it looks good to you.

    Matte pomades come in a more paste-like form. The formula is a little dryer than what you may be used to if you’re used to a more traditional pomade. These matte hair paste pomades generally have a medium bodied hold and are perfect for a looser or more casual look. It seems that most people after a  hair paste styling product, like our Matte Pomade , are trying to achieve a more subtle look, as if they didn’t spend time putting their hair together in the morning.

    A hair paste product will stay pliable throughout the day giving you the ability to rework it to your liking whenever needed. This ability gives you that more natural “nonchalant” look. And as with any product for your hair if you use a little bit more the look will become tighter and more polished. You will just have to experiment with it.

    Use a paste for: Reworkable style throughout the day. None to very little shine. Healthy natural looking hair with generally a medium weight hold.

    Matte versus Shine

    Personal preference. 100%. But there are some things you should know about the products that give you one or the other.

    Matte focused products generally lean towards that medium-light volumizing hold that a lot of people after casual looks prefer. This is not true of all matte products but the majority of them are in this range. You’ll find matte, dry, or neutral finishes from clays or hybrid products.

    Products that will give your hair more shine and a wetter look will typically come from oil based products and to a lesser degree water soluble products. On average you’ll find more holding power with a more shine inducing product but of course this isn’t always the case.

    What Type of Pomade is Right For You?

    Honestly, there is no perfect answer to this question. But we can get pretty close. Everyone is different and that is ok. What might work for one person’s curly hair might not for another’s curly hair. It happens. So let’s talk generally about hair types, styles and what products matches up with those. Then we can give some pointers to fine tune that down to a tighter degree.

    Straight Hair

    Straight hair styled with oil based pomade

    You will not need a strong holding product to get most of the looks you’re after. In fact depending on the thickness of your hair it may do more harm than good to use something heavy. Let’s say you have a straight short hair and just want a simple side-part in an almost casual way. A very light dose of any of the pomades we mentioned above is going to get the job done. You do not want to use too much. Using too much when it’s not needed will just weigh the hair down and look a bit off.

    It’s always better to put in too little and work more in than to use too much from the get go. Remember that!

    Other styles such as a high pompadour, slick back, brushed business casual can all be achieved with most of these products. The higher the pomp, the more pomade you’ll need. If you are looking to do something a bit more demanding you’re going to need something stronger. A strong water based such as the Firme Hold is going hold the heck out of it. Which is what you’ll want.

    Generally the products that work best are: water based pomades with light to medium holds, oil based wax pomades of all types, clays and pastes.

    Curly Hair

    Curly hair styled as a messy look with Suavecito OIl Based Pomade

    Sometimes a person with curly hair may think it’s incredibly hard to style with it. And afterall the hair does have a mind of its own. But there inlies the magic of a curly head of hair. We can attack this hair type two ways. The first way and the most tried method is to blast the head with a healthy dose of a strong bulletproof pomade or wax. And yes, with enough time and patience it works. That’s fine.

    Use a strong holding pomade to tame those curls such as our Firme Hold Pomade and you’ll be in business. That curly hair is not impossible to tame with perseverance, the right product and time. You will just have to be patient.

    But, as mentioned, there is another direction we can take with curly hair. It doesn’t necessarily have to be tamed completely. There are a great many styles that incorporate the natural curl of the hair and embrace it 100% without trying to hide it. When working with these types of styles you will not need a heavy hitting pomade.

    Curly hair looks great messy if done with a little effort. There is a difference between true literal bed head and 5 minutes in front of the mirror “bed head”. The one that takes a little more effort is going to yield much better results during the day. Add in a little bit of our hybrid type Premium Blends Pomade and blow dry. If you can’t be bothered to blow dry or don’t have a hair dryer that is ok, just ensure that your hair is at least 75% dry when adding any product to curly hair.

    Curly hair is a great hair type to experiment with while utilizing it’s natural look. It will definitely have a mind of its own and sometimes you’ll just have to go with the flow.

    Tame it with a hard hitting product if you have a super specific look you need or take the mellower route and add in something lighter and gently coaxing the hair in a more “generalized” direction. Either way you choose there’s an option for you.

    General Tips and Tricks

    • Talk to your barber. They get to know your hair in a way that is different than anything you can achieve. They will be able to help you find not only styles that impeccably suit your hair but also the perfect product types that will help you get that style. Ask them what they think and give it a go.
    • Your hair will develop a memory over time. You can, in a way, train your hair to behave a certain way. If you are always combing your hair one way, every day with or without product the hair will start to want to lay in that direction. The more time you devote to styling your hair in your preferred preference the easier it will become to style. This is a good practise to keep in mind for people with some harder to tame hair types. It’s not perfect but it’s a great start.
    • Do not be afraid to try something new. A new hairstyle, a new hair wax, hair clay or pomade or a different way to achieve your look. There is not just one ‘best’ pomade for you.
    • Blow dryers are not just for women. But they are also not mandatory.

    This was not meant have every answer for you but instead give you a great start. We hope this provided you with some fuel to get started down a new path in your journey of looking good and feeling good. Remember, this type of thing should be fun and don’t stress out too much as you’re experimenting with your look. Everyone has those bad hair days once in a while. It happens and it’s fine. Keep on doing you and there won’t be anything out there that can stop you.

    Take some time to look online at photos of men’s hairstyles that utilize your hair type and branch out from there. The great thing about this whole world is that you have the ability to change your look whenever you feel like it and you have access to brands that have huge ranges of products you can experiment with.

    We hope that this little guide was a good read and that you learned something new. If you have any questions about products do not hesitate to reach out to us as we would be happy to help you. And do not forget to ask your favorite barber their advice concerning your unique hair and style. They’re professionals for a reason!

    Take care and stay Firme,
    Suavecito Pomade

    Beard Care Techniques And Products For Keeping Facial Hair Healthy


    Suavecito Beard Products

    Take good care of your facial hair and your facial hair will take care of you.

    When you take care of your beard and moustache it shows the world you exude confidence, health and purpose in life. These are qualities every man should strive for.

    Before we can talk about styling your hair with different products we first need to ensure that your hair’s health is being taken care of correctly. Without healthy hair and skin you may as well shave that beard off and do something else. Health is everything and no amount of styling product or effort can cover up a dry, unnourished beard or moustache.

    Washing Your Beard

    Suavecito Beard Wash

    This should be common sense but we’re going to go over it anyway because it really is step one. Wash your beard. Use something other than just water. At the very least you should be using a soap or shampoo but this isn’t going to be the perfect product. Regular shampoos are not made to treat and handle that beard on your face. Sure, they work great at cleaning the hair on the top of your head but there are differences between the hair growing on the top of your head versus your facial hair.

    Everyone forgets that your face is under that beard. And that face is a whole lot of delicate skin that needs special attention. Your facial skin needs a wash or soap that will not overly dry it out or do any harm. Dry skin is the enemy of your beard. It causes flakes and itch. An itchy beard that you are constantly scratching is a messy annoying beard. To top it all off a itchy and dry beard will soon begin to fill with flakes and dandruff from the scratching. Nobody wants that.

    Use something like our  Suavecito Beard Wash  to prevent all that nonsense. Not only does this beard soap get rid of all the crud you don’t want in there like, dirt, grime and sweat but it will not dry out your hair or skin. That’s a big deal. Most soaps out there strip moisture away from the skin only caring about getting everything clean. A good soap will clean away everything completely but gently without getting rid of that moisture and natural oil your hair and skin requires.

    Conditioning Your Beard

    Can’t have one without the other and after you’re done washing you must follow it up with a quick conditioning treatment. A lot of people miss this step and it’s key. This is the other half of the master plan to a healthy and vibrant beard.  A good conditioner made especially for your beard  will eliminate itch, beardruff and a whole host of other problems. Even if you are using a great soap like the one recommended above that does a gentle job you are still going to want something to add extra moisture to your skin and hair. This is one of those times where you can overdo it just a tad bit. 110% in this case is in your best interest.

    A nice soft beard is easier to manage and style. It feels better. It looks better. Your life is better. At some point someone will be touching your beard and really, you don’t want a dry scratchy thing in the way of your time to shine do you?

    Your beard deserves its own special conditioner that is made specifically for facial hair and skin. Not all conditioners are created equal and what works for the top of your head doesn’t automatically mean it will work for your face and beard. You want something that will go to work on your facial hair helping to improve that healthy shine you want and eliminate the itch you hate.

    Washing and condition. Think of these two steps as an investment. When you put the work in here, it pays off in the future. A healthy beard is a joy to work with and style. When it comes down to those days you don’t have the time or forget to style, your base line beard is already leagues ahead of the unkempt over-applied-beard-waxed thing the next guy is rocking. It pays off to do the work now. Just do it and get yourself some good soap, a good conditioner and use them.

    Styling Your Beard

    So now you have your base line beard dialed in. It’s lush, healthy and looks great. It doesn’t matter what length it is, we can still use something to get the look perfect. There are a whole host of products out there doing different things. We want to break down some of them and give you a nice overview to figure out what you need.

    Beard Oil

    Way too much beard oil ↓

    Too Much Beard Oil

    Beard oil is basic, easy and fast. It should be a staple in every bearded man’s washroom.  A good beard oil  will do a couple things that are super important to your well being and health. It will provide protection throughout the day. Think of beard oil as a suit of armor for your facial hair. Protection against the heat of the day and resulting dryness goes a long way when used everyday. Again this beard of yours is an investment and you want to keep adding to the bank. It will pay off.

    You will also want to use it as it keeps everything soft and moisturized throughout the day making your hair easier to manage and style when needed. Facial hair touch ups throughout the day are a real thing and you do not want to have to work with dry hair.

    Facial cologne for the man who needs a little something extra can also be said about these oils. Coming in an almost dizzying array of different scents and fragrances,  beard oils  have something for everyone. Depending on your mood you can change the scent as often as you need. Of course, even if you are not into the general heaviness of a cologne a subtle scent can go a long way when you are out and about in the world.

    Beard oil is easy to use and should be used every day. Always use before you brush your beard or mustache. If you are using a styling product such as a wax or balm, daily use of beard oil only makes that process better. Think of it as a base coat for your hair. When you add in something like a wax or balm on top it will work a hundred times better. Your hair will be much more receptive to another product and it will be able to be worked in much easier.

    It should be used as staple and if you don’t use anything else for “styling” you should be at least using a beard oil regularly. You would be a fool not to.

    Beard Wax

    Beard wax is for men that need some ass kicking power in their routine and for their beard. These waxes are the heavy hitters of the beard styling world and work with even the most unruly and thick beards. If you want a uniform looking beard that is as much as a piece of art as your well styled hair on top of your head you will be using a beard wax in the morning.

    Beard waxes come in all sorts of different types, scents and holds but the main draw to all of them is their holding power and longevity. A good application of a wax in the morning will last for the entire day.

    Like the, all purpose beard oil, these waxes work to also protect your hair from the elements. It is a another protective barrier you can wear all day. A nice layer of wax on the beard will keep moisture and natural oils contained and away from the elements of the day.

    As we’ve said before and will most likely say again, no matter what you are trying to accomplish with your beard, using a beard oil base everyday will make your life easier. After your shower, pat dry your beard and apply a light layer of oil. Go about your routine and after the oil has had a chance to work itself into the hair and face go for your  beard wax  application. The wax will be easier to apply, the hair will be easier to sculpt and thus giving you a great day.

    Beard wax is not for everyone and having a use for it depends on what you want to accomplish with your beard. If you are looking for a sculpted styled look for the day you will want a wax. If you are working with a hard to manage length or very unruly hair where just an oil won’t cut it, wax it is.

    Beard Balm

    The beard balm is the balanced middle ground between an oil and a wax but no substitute for either. Beard balm provides moisture, protection and styling power for your beard for easy day to day use. It is easy to apply, giving you time to get the rest of your routine in the morning finished. You should treat it as if it were as commonplace as brushing your teeth. It is just a thing you do.

    A good beard balm will keep your flyaways at bay and smoothed out. It will increase the shine of your hair giving it that rich and healthy look. Your skin underneath will be nourished and moisturized getting rid of itch and flakes. Think of a beard balm as a beard oil but with an added level of styling power. A balm will give you a great balance if your beard doesn’t require the power of a wax and is just untame enough to need something stronger than an oil.

    Use it after your shower and before you head out the door. While your beard is still slightly damp but not wet, apply a good amount ensuring you get the product deep into the hair. You not only want it to evenly coat the hair but also hit the skin. Use a brush or comb to make sure the balm is evenly distributed throughout your beard.

    A good beard balm will work with you for the full day and provide you with moisture and some styling power that will be reworkable. These products will be pleasant to wear when you want to be able to run your fingers throughout your hair.

    Moustache Wax

    You may be thinking at this point that everything above applies to the moustache and all methods are going to be same to ensure your moustache is well taken care of. And you would be right. The way in which you want to keep your moustache healthy is the same as the rest of your hair on your face.

    However, a moustache wax specifically made for your moustache is going to work wonders for that stache. It is going to have an incredible holding power and it’s going to tend to be on the heavier weight side of things. Moustache waxes are strong and for good reason, the moustache needs holding power like nothing else. To get those twists in your whiskers or that handlebar perfected you are going to need something more powerful than a beard wax or even a hair pomade.

    Some find the consistency of the product a little hard to manage. It’s thick and getting to spread evenly throughout your hair can be a pain. Heat is your friend. Either use a blowdryer to warm the wax in the container or using your fingers to rub the wax to break it down to manageable consistency. Once it is broken down it will be easier to apply and work through the hair.

    Moustache wax will provide you with the ability to style your hair however you want while also providing that protection you know you need by now. Lock in that moisture, natural oils and everything your hair needs with a protective layer that will not give up just because it’s sunny out. Again, your health is the most important thing here and it is not just about style. Health is style. Remember that. Keep that hair under your nose healthy, clean and styled. It’ll pay off.

    Conclusion: TLDR: Too Long Didn’t Read

    If you have a beard, take care of it. Use the right products. Wash and clean your beard and always make sure it is properly moisturized. Dry hair and dry skin is the enemy. Use a beard conditioner if you don’t style everyday. Use beard oil or a balm everyday if you need a little style. Brush your hair daily, twice daily, thrice daily. Never brush without a small application of beard oil. Otherwise ouch!

    Short beards/ thin beards - Use something light like a beard balm or oil to maintain the hair’s health and look. These products give your hair protection and keeps everything moisturized.

    Long beards/ thick beards - Always use a beard oil as a base each and everyday to maintain moisture and feel. Beard wax will be the heavy hitter you need if you want to style your hair. Brush often.

    Moustaches - Everything we talked about above applies. Keep it clean. Keep it moisturized. Use a specially made moustache wax for the days you want to look extremely dapper. Use a balm or oil daily to keep everything tidy.