"by Schorem Haarsnijder & Barbier"

Leen and Bertus started learning men’s hair cutting as teenagers. Combining classic barbering with rock & roll influence, custom culture and various cool sub cultural influences, Reuzel' founders opened the local yet influential barbershop named Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier.  Ultimately, Leen and Bertus would expand beyond their shop in Rotterdam, Holland and launch the internationally-renowned line of tonics, shampoos, conditioners, hair-greases, motion, and other very cool male-targeted products under the Reuzel name.

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Men on a Mission

The story kicks off in a time of rock-n-roll grit and punk rebellion, 40 years gone in Rotterdam, Netherlands, when Leen and Bertus, affectionately referred to as The Bearded Bastard and The Bloody Butcher, began their journey. Barbers by trade, provocateurs by character, with an insatiable desire to create the perfect pomades for the counterculture they were so deeply ingrained in. Through trial and error, countless reformulations (and one far too close encounter with almost burning down the barbershop, a story for another day), the early versions of Red and Green came to be. And so, as traditional, old-school barbers, our unlikely protagonists dug deep into the rich history of pomades to create what is now celebrated as the world's finest in hair care…REUZEL.  

Inspired by the success of their pioneering Red and Green water-based pomades, Leen and Bertus set out to expand and create the perfect product line for the good people of Rotterdam, and someday, the world. What started as a line created for a very specific classic customer, Reuzel has evolved into a complete style and care line for all hair types, textures, and style objectives. Reuzel offers the best-in-class products to ensure that as styles change, attitudes remain the same.

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Psychobilly Quiff by Bertus

I must have been around 12, maybe 13 years old when I first saw a Psychobilly walking in town and MAN, was that guy intimidating with his huge purple quiff, bleached jeans and tattoos... Even then I realised it took balls to look that outrageous, everybody who ever dressed different then "the perfect people" wore a mohawk, quiff or is is heavily tattooed or pierced knows what I'm talking about... Being laughed at, shouted at, getting "the look" or even got beaten up for "not fitting in"

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A Tale of two Scumbags

  True Lard lovers know it… today we start celebrating the 10th anniversary of Reuzel! The tale of two scumbags who created a legendary style. The global phenomenon that began in a Rotterdam barbershop a.k.a. Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier. For this occasion we created something very special; we documented a retrospective of the first ten years of Reuzel with founding fathers Rob & Leen! To warm you up we serve you a little sneak peek. 

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A Day at Schorem Barbier

Welcome to The Holy Ashtray, The House of Reuzel! . Here hippies are slayed and gents get groomed with signature looks and eye for detail. At This beautiful barbershop the Schorem scumbags are lubing and greasing in the name of The Lard! They serve you with the best Reuzel has to offer during every treatment. Have you ever stepped beyond The Gates of Groom or is a pilgrimage still on your bucket list?! . Jelle popped by a while back to document a day at Schorem, check it out on our YouTube channel!

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