Reuzel TAT BUFF Exfoliating Wash

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Brand: Reuzel
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Product Type: Skin Care
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Volume gr/ml: 100.0


Gentle – Exfoliating – Brightens Colors

Step #1 of TAT™ Daily Drill. BUFF rinses away dead and drying cells so your real colors can rise to the surface. If you’re serious about taking care of your tat, this is where you start. BUFF uses Bamboo as a gentle exfoliator. As old skin cells wash down the drain, Papaya Extract and Aloe Vera go to work, soothing and conditioning fresh skin. BUFF is milder than your standard off-the-shelf exfoliator, so it won’t bleach your skin tone or damage your tat. You get healthier skin and colors that look as vibrant as they did the day the needle did its work. BUFF sets the stage for moisturizing with our HYDRABALM or VIVID GEL.

Key Ingredients:

·         Bamboo: Exfoliator

·         Papaya Extract: Conditioning

·         Aloe Vera: Soothing & Cooling

·         Mandelic Acid: Helps Improve Uneven Skin Tone