Captain Fawcett Limited

"Keep a stiff upper lip, regardless"

Captain Fawcett a manufacturer and purveyor of simply 'First Class Gentleman's Grooming Requisites'.
The story goes that in 1905 Captain Peabody Fawcett R.N Ret’d, the intrepid and eminent Edwardian explorer, disappeared whilst attempting to navigate to the source of the Ubangi, a major tributary to the Congo River. No trace was ever found of his seemingly doomed expedition... until that is, in 1997, an old battered trunk purchased at a house clearance sale, was taken home and its locks forced.

Keeping a Stiff Upper Lip!

Founding farther Richie Finney isn't Captain Fawcett. He's at great pains to stress that. He's the captain's righthand man. If you attend any convention, function, talk or festival and see the name Captain Fawcett, it's unlikely that you'll meet the captain himself, but you're sure to find Finney there, with his magnificently sculpted moustache and brown overall coat.

Whatever the intrepid captain's involvement in the company, it seems to be Finney who carries the bulk of the load. He's an engaging, enthusiastic man with the kind of energetic brain that suggests he would have made a success of whatever he tried.

The particulars of the company's creation are lost in a fog of entertaining myth and legend. What is certain, though, is that it's an extremely fine purveyor of moustache waxes, beard oils, and other related paraphernalia.

All hail the hirsute.