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"Natural Beard Care"

Right from the start, the traditional world of the barber craft has been a major inspiration for the development of this unique beard care line: high-quality ingredients, great impact, ease of use! Therefore all OAK products are developed in cooperation with barbers.

By doing so, meeting the diverse requirements of beard and face is as important as the use of natural ingredients.    
Every single OAK product unites the knowledge of barbers with the most recent scientific findings in natural cosmetics.

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This is OAK

OAK is from Berlin. The products from all over Germany. They’re manufactured by family businesses and in large part hand-made. The individual steps in the manufacturing of an OAK product are too multifaceted to be fully automatized.

Every OAK product is revolutionary in its own right. It’s either a new development on the market or differs significantly in use and effect from already existing products of similar alignment.

OAK puts a lot of passion and time into every product - selected ingredients and materials, a timeless and, at the same time, unique design and the careful use of scents.

Thanks to the close collaboration with natural cosmetics organisations, we’re not only mindful of ingredients and their effect on people and nature at the time of development. Already released OAK products are also constantly checked according to the latest scientific research.

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URSPRUNG – A moment full of energy

The first Fine Fragrance Project by OAK with Berlin perfumer Geza Schön: A peppery-fresh Eau de Parfum with surprisingly fruity elderberry. It all begins with the URSPRUNG! 

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Barbershop Sessions with
The Dead South

This time we are happy to welcome “The Dead South”, 4 great hatted, hairy and bearded fellows from Canada. 

Heavy chairs, hot towels, straight razors and all natural beard care products. In the mix with bearded men playing great music we call it OAK BARBERSHOP SESSIONS. This time we were happy to welcome "The Dead South", 4 great hatted, hairy and bearded fellas from Canada. Their sound: Folk, Neo-Folk and Bluegrass-Folk, even alternative Country with refreshing tunes to it. Check them out on: thedeadsouth.com.

Natural German Engineering

The thing is, making cosmetics is not rocket science. But if you want to combine things like natural ingredients, skin compatibility, the requirements of thick beard hair and then a consistency that makes application easier, then it becomes more complicated. The OAK BEARD HOLD is a very good example of our claim.

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