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🦘 The Bearded Chap

Australian Made Luxury Beard Care & Grooming Products

Located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, The Bearded Chap started from humble beginnings as Australia's first beard grooming product company in February, 2013.
Our focus from day one has always been on creating the highest quality beard care and grooming products that are hand crafted, made from 100% natural ingredients that are sourced locally and making our products right here in Australia. This focus on quality and craftsmanship has been rewarded by products such our flagship product, our Original Beard Oil being recognized internationally by barbers and bearded gents as one of the best products in the beard grooming category.

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Hairpomades the bearded chap beard oil - balm- beard soap


The Bearded Chap beard care products are renowned both in Australia and around the world for their quality ingredients and delectable scents. From our award winning beard wash range to the original beard oil, you can rest assured your purchase was tested by a bearded man, bottled by a bearded man, and packed with love by a bearded man. We're constantly testing & developing our products (on our own beards!), so we can deliver the best beard products to our loyal fans!


Hairpomades the bearded chap beard oil - balm- beard soap


Our Natural Deodorant has been tried and tested in the toughest conditions because taking care of the beard under your arm is just as important as the beard on your face. Made from natural ingredients and Aluminium free! Whether at work or play, our military spec deodorant maintains freshness and stops unpleasant, unwanted body odor. Whether out on the town or under the pump in the office, we have you covered. Come in a fresh Lemon Myrtle scent or a Classic Spice with organic black pepper. 


Hairpomades the bearded chap beard oil - balm- beard soap


Throwback to classic oil based pomades of yesteryear, The Bearded Chap's Traditional Pomade delivers that classic look on every level.  Our Traditional Pomade gives you a pliable medium hold & medium sheen, that can be easily reworked throughout the day. We created complex combination of natural ingredients, including Argan Oil, Silk Powder, Manuka Honey and beeswax to help nourish and hold your hair during use. Our Traditional Pomade nourishes hair while adding medium hold and a semi-sheen finish for those traditional classic hairstyles. 


The Bearded Chap Story

The story behind how Australia's first beard grooming and care products company came to be. Founder Luke "the bearded chap" Swenson has a story to tell.

The Bearded Chap has always had facial hair since he came out of his mother’s womb in 1986. Over the years he has grown every style of beard from clean-shaven baby face to a full-grown beard and even an odd moustache. However, The Bearded Chap had the time-old problem that most men have when growing a beard. That crazy beard itch you get, after a week without shaving and beardruff (Dandruff of the face). 

The Bearded Chap tried experimenting with all types of lotions and potions to try and stop the dreaded itch and beardruff. Most left his beard feeling greasy and smelling like the freshly scented roses that you'd smell in a toilet spray. He decided there had to be something better to tame his wild beard. 

The result; Australia’s first, world-class, premium Beard Oil. With strict criteria in mind, The Bearded Chap had to ensure that his Beard Oil moisturized the skin whether he had light to heavy stubble or a glorious full beard, and smell great so his lady friends didn’t complain.

After months of research, sitting at the local bar, testing 32 different recipes on bearded men, working with skin & hair care experts and getting the approval on the intoxicating scent from the ladies, The Bearded Chap came up with the perfect formula for the Original Beard Oil.

Which started with a beard oil is now a full range of beard, hair and body care products. 

Hairpomades the bearded chap beard oil - balm- beard soap

Welcome to the Bearded Chap

It is not enough for us to have traditional well-crafted grooming products that work. We want our customers to be their best selves everyday, and that means making them feel their best by using our products to keep their beard, body & hair looking sharp! The Bearded Chap prides itself on making luxury Grooming products for your Beard, Body and Hair that are 100% natural and made in Australia. A company devoted to its customers and their lifestyle. This is The Bearded Chap.


How To Apply Our Clay Pomade

With the enticing choc fudge brownie scent, our Australian Matte Clay is the ultimate hair styling product for a strong hold and matte finish. The most impressive thing about our Australian Matte Clay is that it performs as an oil based clay, however easily washes off your hands and doesn’t leave your hair hard or sticky. Our Australian Matte Hair Clay is made from natural, ethically-sourced ingredients, including three variants of Australian clay. With an intoxicating and masculine chocolate fudge brownie scent this styling clay gives your hair a natural, voluminous and textured look with a matte finish.

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