Captain Fawcett Sea Salt Scrub

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Brand: Captain Fawcett
Recommended retail price: € 34.95
Product Type: Skin Care
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Volume gr/ml: 100.0

Captain Fawcett proudly presents a new Face Scrub to complement his delectable Captain Fawcett Body Wash and gold-medal winning Moisturiser**. 
This splendidly Sea Salty exfoliant combines Rock Samphire with Sweet Almond Oil, known for its complexion boosting benefits. Captain Fawcett’s Face Scrub polishes the skin to give a cleaner, more radiant appearance whilst improving texture. Regular exfoliation can help eliminate ingrowing hairs and dispel irritating redness at the hair follicle.
Reminiscent of an invigorating sea breeze, the scrub’s fresh ozone fragrance adds a mood-lifting, energising element to one’s regular grooming routine.
The face he presents to the world is central to a chap’s wellbeing and its cornerstone is surely skin-care, a veritable investment in feeling just tiptop. Taking care of oneself should never be a chore, but a delightful ritual. As such, Captain Fawcett’s Face Scrub is an essential addition to the modern gentlemans grooming regime.

How to use:
Mix with warm water in the palm of one’s hand to form a paste. The precise consistency of this most versatile scrub is a matter of personal preference. Adding more water in proportion to scrub gives a looser consistency, creating a milder exfoliant, more suitable for dry or sensitive skin. Oily skin or oily patches can be treated with a denser blend.

Apply to clean, wet skin as a weekly treatment to keep impurities at bay. Those with very oily or spot-prone skin can increase this to 2 - 3 times per week or even daily if required.
Always rinse well with cold water until all traces of the scrub are removed before moisturizing.