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Our Hair Care Brands

Most of our Hair Care brands started out with just a single product, often a pomade. In recent years most of the brands have developed into full lines, with products such as Grooming and Salt Sprays, Tonics, Pastes, Aftershaves and much more! 

This makes them perfect to carry at your shop or salon as you are able to provide a complete service as there is always just the right product available to match your customers' needs.

And it's also nice to know that by working with these brands you support independent business owners, just like yourselves ❤️. 

Want to stock one of our great brands? Log in or use the Sign Up page to send us your details and we will get back to you soon. 


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✂️ Layrite Mens Grooming 

In 1999, Donnie Hawley, a barber in California, was in hot pursuit of perfecting his client’s haircuts. His technique was being hindered by the traditional petroleum-based products his patrons wore that wouldn’t rinse out. Never wanting to limit style yet committed to an elevated standard of barbering; Donnie labored to find a solution. The end result was a water-soluble pomade formulated to “Hold Like Wax and Wash Out Like Gel."

After one of Donnie's patrons commented that his pomade was the only product that made his hair lay right, a brand was born. Layrite Men's Grooming Products have been setting the benchmark of traditional barbering and men's grooming ever since. 

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⛏️ Prospectors Pomade

What began as an obsession to find the perfect water-soluble pomade eventually turned into a prospecting quest that has yielded a precious discovery -hemp oil, the benchmarking ingredient in all of Prospectors Pomades.

Hemp oil provides the qualities you want from a great hair pomade. With nourishment for your hair and scalp plus the strength of the premium ingredients make these great pomades for any hairstyle or hair type. Hemp oil will give the hair what it needs to live a great life on top of your head.

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🐷 Reuzel Pomade

Leen and Bertus s tarted learning men’s hair cutting as teenagers. Combining classic barbering with rock & roll influence, custom culture and various cool subcultural influences, Reuzel’s founders opened the local yet influential barbershop named “Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier.”

Ultimately Leen and Bertus would expand beyond their shop in Rotterdam, Holland and launch the internationally-renowned line of tonics, shampoos, conditioners, hair-greases, motion, and other very cool male-targeted products under the  Reuzel brand name. 

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💀 Suavecito Pomade

Suavecito Pomade committed itself early on to becoming a cultural phenomenon. It is not enough for them to have traditional well-crafted grooming products that work. Instead, we wanted to take things a step further and dive into the custom car, motorcycle, tattoo, and barber culture as a way to reinvent the grooming product industry that had become stagnant in the previous decades.

Suavecito Pomade continues to travel weekend after weekend to shows all over the U.S. not for profit because doing it the way they do, there isn’t any. Instead, they do it purely to live in the culture that inspired us, and, above all, they do it for their fans and followers. 

Suavecito Pomade prides itself in making amazing hair pomades that are water-soluble but hold like wax and a fine line of shaving and grooming products. A company devoted to the culture and its supporters. A company not devoted to itself. 

No ego. This is Suavecito Pomade.


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🏄‍♂️ BYRD Hairdo Products

Byrd Hairdo Products hatched in 2012 when professional surfer and Newport Beach, California native Chase “Big Bird” Wilson set out to look slick.  

Motivated by the legend of his great grandfather's hair tonic and barbershop at the storied Metro-pole Hotel in Fargo, North Dakota, Wilson began his quest to create a modern-day pomade. Byrd products are inspired by the gentleman surfer and harken back to an era when grooming was an essential part of one's daily routine.   

Byrd's original formula was not designed in a cubicle nor tested in a factory: it was simply inspired but a man's on-the-go lifestyle with a nod to classic 60's surf culture. In fact, the first batch of Byrd's classic pomade was created just steps from the iconic surf break at Echo Beach where sun, salt, and sand make for some of the world's best hair.

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🏆 Shiner Gold

Founded by Jimmy Allen in Phoenix, Arizona, Shiner Gold is currently produced in California. With strong attention to quality and the signature formula of their hair styling products, it took them three years and five laboratories to produce a water-based pomade that suits their standards.

Perhaps one of the most talked-about aspects of Shiner Gold pomade is the fragrance. It smells like a mix of coconut, fruit, and almond (as some commenters mentioned). While some guys may not like the fragrance, others love it for the subtle fruitiness and sort of a 'turn on' when it comes to their significant others .


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🥊 Uppercut Deluxe

Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950s barbershop and its spiritual founder, Willy "Uppercut" O'Shea, Uppercut Deluxe is a modern, yet traditional approach to men's grooming.   

An Australian born brand proudly made with only the finest ingredients, Uppercut Deluxe delivers a core range of high-quality grooming products for men without all the fancy embellishments of salon brands.  

The brand was built by the creative brains, passion and hard work of Luke Newman and Steve Purcell, childhood friends with a love for barbering, surf, and skate.  

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💈 Corleone Sticky Stuff

Corleone is founded by the New York Barbershop family, established in Rotterdam, the Netherlands since 1884.

Corleone is a brand that offers you a range of the best quality barber products, including their famous handmade striped barber capes.  


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💄 Suavecita Pomade

Suavecita is the younger sister brand of big brother Suavecito Pomade.  

The line contains cruelty-free hair products such as pomade, brightly colored hair dyes, and hair sprays but also a complete cosmetics line with brilliant lip glosses that you do not want to miss out on.  

These products are too cool for school and vegan, so Kat Von D better watch her space.    

Our Grooming Brands

Just like with our Hair Care Brands, most of the below started with a single product such as a mustache wax or beard oil. Nowadays they stock complete lines with a great variety of products suitable for your customer's facial hair.

From shaving products to lotions & potions, anything to make sure your male customers are leaving your shop looking sharp and dandy!

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🧔🏼 OAK Beard care

Right from the start, the traditional world of the barber craft has been a major inspiration for the development of this unique beard care line: high-quality ingredients, great impact, ease of use! Therefore all OAK products are developed in cooperation with barbers.

By doing so, meeting the diverse requirements of beard and face is as important as the use of natural ingredients.    

Every single OAK product unites the knowledge of barbers with the most recent scientific findings in natural cosmetics.


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💊 Apothecary 87

Starting with a beard oil that Sam Martin, the Apothecary 87 founder, produced in his kitchen when he first started conditioning his beard, the brand has become a global success. The original recipe is still a hit with beards-man all over and the range of products has been developed with a wide range of shaving and hair styling products.

A well-groomed man is not merely a man who uses great products on his hair and body but a man who can present himself in his own desired way, through all aspects of his lifestyle.

So with this in mind, Apothecary 87 developed their Lifestyle Range to help our fellow men be the best-groomed men around.

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🐻 Mr. Bear Family

The year was 2012 and it started with a simple idea based on a simple need, a natural product to style and care for your facial hair. This was the beginning of the first Beard Care Brand in Sweden founded by Björn "Mr. Bear" Landén. 

Over the years the company and the knowledge has grown. Mr. Bear Family now offers a wide range of high-quality grooming products for the daily routine within beard, skin and hair care.   

You can even find awesome natural products for your tattoo aftercare.

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🎩 Captain Fawcett's

Richie Finney isn’t Captain Fawcett. He’s at great pains to stress that. He’s the captain’s righthand man. And if you attend any convention, function, talk or festival and see the name Captain Fawcett, it’s unlikely you’ll meet the captain himself, but you’re sure to find Finney there, with his magnificently sculpted mustache and brown overall coat.

Whatever the intrepid captain’s involvement in the company, it seems to be Finney who carries the bulk of the load. He’s an engaging, enthusiastic man with the kind of energetic brain that suggests he would have made a success of whatever he tried.

The particulars of the company’s creation are lost in a fog of entertaining myth and legend. 

What’s certain, though, is that it’s an extremely fine purveyor of mustache waxes, beard oils, and other related paraphernalia.


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🥼 Dr. K. Soap Company

I'm Rob (Dr. K) and I'm passionate about producing high-quality handmade skin and body care products using pure, natural ingredients.

I started Dr. K Soap Company in 2011 after funding ran out for my position as a researcher in a university in Cork, Ireland. The process of soapmaking had always appealed to the biochemist and scientist in me and so it was almost a natural transition. I also really liked the idea of experimentation in my own lab - it was and still is an exciting and fun journey to come up with the Dr. K range of products. From the beginning, I decided against the “norm” of chemical-laden artificial cosmetics that are available on our supermarket shelves – if I was going to make soap, I would make good soap. 

The use of only the finest natural ingredients has resulted in the ultimate good-for-you products – ones that I love to use and am proud to put my name on.

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🦘 The Bearded Chap

Located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Luke "The Bearded Chap" Swenson started from humble beginnings as Australia's first beard grooming product company in February, 2013. 

Our focus from day one has always been on creating the highest quality beard care and grooming products that are hand crafted, made from 100% natural ingredients that are sourced locally and making our products right here in Australia. This focus on quality and craftsmanship has been rewarded by products such our flagship product, our Original Beard Oil being recognized internationally by barbers and bearded gents as one of the best products in the beard grooming category. 

The Bearded Chap prides itself in making amazing Beard Oils, Beard Balms and Grooming products that are 100% natural and made in Australia. A company devoted to its customers and their lifestyle. This is The Bearded Chap.

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