Learn the tricks of the trade from the best at The Old School

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  • 15 september 2014

Learn the tricks of the trade from the best at The Old School

In 2010,  Leen & Bertus decided to bring new life to the craft of barbering and opened the only ‘no women allowed’ zone in Holland; Schorem Haarsnijder & Barbier. A place without any BS, where men could get a cut and a shave.

Next to opening up a barbershop where men could be amongst their peers, they also wanted to bring back the trade of barbering based on their many years of experience and according to the high standard of the good old days.

Through the use of social media such as Facebook and Instagram, they gained a lot of interest for their high quality cuts and shaves.

Posters called The Barbershop Classics & The Signature Haircuts soon followed, and can be found on display at many shops, and their tutorial DVD is a inspiration for many colleagues worldwide.

However, the guys  kept on receiving a lot of requests by barbers and hairdressers asking if they could receive a similar training as the apprentices at the shop did. Until now this was not possible, the shop was simply too small and busy.

Because of the vast crowds flocking to Rotterdam for a cut & shave and the ever growing waiting lines, the guys were forced to move shop to a bigger location across the street from their old shop.  But they couldn’t say goodbye to the ‘old’ Schorem, the place where their dream first came true and so the idea for ‘The Old School’ was born; a small independent barber academy where the techniques will be taught that are practiced at Schorem everyday.

There are 2 courses on offer; 1 day a week for 40 weeks long where aspiring barbers can learn the basis of the craft, and a 3 day course for advanced barbers and hairdressers where they can learn how to perfect their barbering skills. There will be the option to learn the art of shaving, a treatment that is making a grand comeback.

Starting September 22nd 2014, Schorem Haarsnijder & Barbier hopes to welcome you at The Old School!

For more information check their website , The Old School Facebook page or send them a e-mail at info@schorembarbier.nl