Savills Barbers

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  • 8 oktober 2014

Savills Barbers

Why did you become a barber?

I got in to hairdressing straight from school, it was the only thing wanted to do, I always excelled at anything creative and I knew I had to do something that would push me in to a job where I could use it to my advantage, I would have gone insane if I’d had to sit behind a desk all day.
When I started my career 26 years ago, unisex training was the only way to get in, I loathed the ladies side of the training; perms ,foils, etc., it was going to be twelve months before I could even pick up a pair of scissors , so I went out bought the best pair of scissors I could afford on my £23.50 a week wage, haha!
I just stood like a statue all day watching the best stylists and then got all my mates in a room and started cutting as many mate’s hair as I could as often as I could, and taught myself to cut men’s hair.
By the time we got around to learning how to cut I was already a mobile barber in the evenings and making more money in one night than I did all week in my hairdressing apprenticeship. I held out until the end of my course to get all my certificates, then as soon as I could I got out and went to work for a local Italian barbers. I worked in various local and city centre barbers over the next several years learning from as many different people as I could. I then became an Educator for American Crew and Wahl and was part of the Regis Artistic Team.

Number of barbers at shop:

12. Including 3 apprentices Best known in town for being the best ‘go to’ barber shop for traditional cuts, shaves & tailor made suits.

Nr. 1 pomade (brand):

Haha do you even need to ask ??? REUZEL!! And of course Layrite, there are so many pomades on the market right now, its impossable to try/sell them all ,we think we have everything we need right there…

Which barber (shop) inspires you:

There are sooo many good barbers /Shops out there right now, I would have to kick off with our very good friends Rob & Leen and their amazing shop Schorem, also the inspiring work from another of our barberfamily Miguel Gutierrez aka The Nomad Barber, and another barber ive spoken too but not had the pleasure to meet yet Frank (Thy Barber) Rimer.

Favorite tool of the trade:

Coffee ! i cant start the day without it…

Music played at shop:

A mix of Motown,Soul,Funk, Blues ,Jazz, Honkytonk, Bluegrass, northern soul with a large helping of Rock n Roll.

Story from the barberchair:

The craziest request that I have had for a hair style is when a guy came in with a Anime picture and he wanted me to cut and style his hair to look like this Japanese cartoon character’s! It was a pretty random style that would never have worked on his hair. Also, although it looked great on a cartoon it would have not translated well into real life! I declined the challenge! Here at Savills we stick to the traditional and stylish cuts.

Savills Barbers

Owner: Joth Davies
Age: 42
Location: Sheffield, England
Barber since: 15