Stories from the barberchair no.1

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  • 5 september 2014

stories from the barberchair no.1

Bendotti Barbershop, Belgium.

Owner Sven Bendotti, has over 10 years experience as a barber. He works from his traditional shop in Maaseik with a fellow barber and 2 apprentices. He is known by the people of Maaseik for his high quality haircuts & shaves, as well as his impeccable style and signature moustache.

When we asked him about the reason why he became a barber, Sven says; “besides having passion for the craft, I grew tired of the way men were being treated almost as women at regular mixed hair salons. I really felt that this was where I could make a difference, by creating a place where a man could be himself. For example, we have a large pool table at my shop, where the guys can play a game and have a drink whilst waiting, and we play a mix of rock ’n roll, jazz & blues from a jukebox. Those details really add to the experience for the customer, our shop has become their favorite getaway”.

Story from the barberchair

You never know what a day at the shop brings. Sven recalls one specific time that a customer sat down in his chair, and he clearly had something on his mind. The shop was very busy, so it was hard to hear what he wanted to say. At one point he stood up and said; ‘Guys, I have to ask you something. I have a mistress as well as a wife, who should I choose?!?’.  For a moment, the entire shop was quiet, but soon after the jokes & banter started and we had a lot of fun at his expense. These kind of things don’t happen in a hair salon, just think what the ladies there would do to such a customer, he would not make it out alive!’

Bendotti Barbershop

Owner: Sven Bendotti
Age: 32
Location: Maaseik, Belgium
Barber since: 2003
Tool of the trade: Wahl clippers
Preferred pomade: waterbase >  Suavecito Pomade, petrol > High Life
Biggest inspiration: His own shop, as well as work of friends & fellow barbers such as Schorem and New York Barbershop.