About us

Who’s that girl?

Bianca, daughter of Tineke, joined the company in 2012. As a young girl she already did little chores at her mother’s business; labeling pomade tins and answering the phone. After her studies she worked in fashion retail as a store manager and for the past 7 years in wholesale as a emerging markets coordinator at G-Star Raw Denim C.V. Although she loved working there, when her mother asked her to join the company there was absolutely no doubt. Since Bianca joined company, she launched the Hairpomades.com website and added many new brands to the product mix, making Hairpomades.com the one stop shop for barbers looking for independent, authentic brands and products.
In 2014, brother Jaap also joined the business as warehouse manager and also other brother Boye occasionally lends a helping hand.

To be continued…

How it all started.

Back in the 70’s, Tineke assisted her eldest brother and worked at his first salon in Amsterdam, before he moved to further his career as an independent hair stylist in the U.S.A. Being a true entrepreneur, Tineke started importing American hair care products that Christiaan was using and could not find in Europe, and set up her business; Christiaan Import B.V. One of the first brands that she started to import was Murray’s, and she is also responsible for introducing now famous brands Kiehl’s and Dr. Bronner in Europe. With the help and support of her husband Louis and sister in-law Corry, she created a stable, trustworthy and successful business.

For more than 40 years, Christiaan has been one of the world’s leading editorial hair stylists, working with fashion designers and celebrities to create iconic, memorable looks that appeared on the covers and within the pages of almost every fashion publication. His styles have appeared on thousands of runways and his editorial and advertising work showcases a unique, independent creativity, which “I liken onto that of a painter or writer,” says Christiaan.Christiaan has styled many famous heads throughout his career, from 1980s pop divas Debbie Harry (Blondie) and Grace Jones-who owed their respective blonde tresses and dramatic flat-top to him-to celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga. The buzz cut, hair wrapping (with fabric) and the chopped, asymmetrical bob created for a Calvin Klein show are milestones in his career as a risk-taking session artist. A “lucky fluke,” he says, took him from his father’s barbershop in a tiny Dutch village to editorial stardom. “I’ve always been more into the ‘doing’ than the result,” he says, “but I’ve usually been thrilled with the result.”

Check out Christiaan’s website www.hairbyChristiaan.com for more information and contact details.

Haircare and hairdressing have been part of our family since 1896.

1896 was the year that our great grandfather Piet Houtenbos was born in a small village in the Netherlands called Bergen. Born into a family of construction workers, Piet made a bold descision for that time to not follow in his family’s footsteps but to become a barber instead.  In 1918 Piet married Marie Kaagman and the young family moved to Grootebroek, the town where www.Hairpomades.com is still located today, and he started up his own barbershop. The union brought forward 6 children, with the eldest being a son called Jaap Houtenbos. In 1927 Piet Houtenbos died after a short sickbed and being the oldest son, Jaap had to start helping in his late fathers’ business at the tender age of 8.

In the 50’s, all children left the comforts of their home and all sons started up their own barbershop. Jaap Houtenbos chose to do this in Bovenkarspel, another small village in the North of the Netherlands where he married Annie Schaap in 1944.

Jaap and Annie had a thriving tabacco and barbershop, it was the center of the community, with Jaap also writing for the local newspaper. The union brought forward 12 children.  The eldest son was called Christiaan (Piet),  and the eldest daughter Tineke.